• F.A.Q.

  • These are some of the questions we are asked most often by clients curious about our policies and seeking clarification. If you have a question that hasn't been answered on this page, don't hesitate to contact us! Our knowledgeable staff would love to help you with any concerns you might have!


    What is the travel fee, and why do I have to pay it?

    The travel fee helps offset costs involved with our movers travelling to and from your move. It is adjusted based on the distance our movers will travel from our office in zip 15221. This fee covers non-cargo vehicle fuel expenses, non-cargo vehicle expenses, equipment expenses (including stretch wrap, moving blankets, and moving dollies we provide on every move at no extra cost), and time paid to our movers before they officially go "on the clock" for you. We would be unable to travel more than a few miles from our office or provide certain equipment if we did not assess this fee. This fee is separate from truck rental and truck driving costs, if you request for those services.

    My piano is less than 200lbs. Why am I still being assessed the Heavy Item Fee?

    A piano is at once a delicate instrument and a large, heavy, awkward piece of furniture, and as such it requires skilled handling and a team of experienced movers to move your item without damage or injury. The piano fee pays for any additional movers or equipment required to move your piano safely; it usually takes 4 movers and a piano board at a minimum to successfully move a piano, and often 5 or 6. It also compensates our company for the additional travel and equipment required and the higher risk of damage to your goods or injury to our crew that we assume. Any piano will present these challenges, and so we are unable to make exceptions to our policy.


    If your movers are injured on my property, am I responsible for their medical care and workman's compensation?

    No. Steel City Movers, L.L.C., assumes all liability for our movers any time they are on the job for us. However, we cannot assume liability for anyone not currently employed by our company. If you decide to assist the movers with your furniture and cause yourself injury, we cannot be held responsible.


    Why is the actual amount of time taken to complete my move higher or lower than your estimate?

    Many factors can contribute to a move taking more or less time to complete. Circumstances such as extra-long staircases, more furniture than indicated on the work order, difficulties with the truck, extreme temperatures, etc. may cause the move to run over our scheduled time. Our mission is always to make your move go as smoothly as we can, and we will work hard to help you accomplish your move with as little stress as possible. Keep in mind that the factor most likely to slow down your movers are the number of staircases; we do not charge extra per staircase, so it is in your own best interest to make sure we are informed of each and every staircase prior to your moving day. The simplest and most effective way to get an accurate estimate is to be as thorough and complete on your work order as possible. Another common cause of estimate overages is the truck parking situation. In order to be efficient, it is absolutely essential that we be able to get the truck as close to the load/unload points of your home or office. If we have to park across the street or down a parking lot or road, that will have a negative impact on the time it takes to move. Steel City Movers cannot reserve truck parking from the city or county. You as the shipper (client) must do that. 


    Do you accept credit and/or debit cards? What types of payment do you accept? When do I pay you for your services?

    We accept cash, checks, money orders, credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. Please note a 4% convenience fee is assessed on all payments that require electronic processing (credit card, debit card, or PayPal). Save yourself some money by paying in cash or with a check or money order! We generally wait until the end of the move to tally the costs and labor charges and total your bill. This is because, as noted above, moving can sometimes be unpredictable and take more or less time than expected. Payment in full is required at the completion of your move. Please note that for long-distance or one-way moves, a 50% deposit is required to retain our services and begin making the necessary arrangements such as one-way truck rentals and return travel arrangements. The balance is owed at your destination following the completion of your move. If you pay by personal check, please note that there is a $60 fee for all checks returned Not Sufficient Funds.

    Unfortunately, we cannot accept personal checks for Long-Distance Moves (moves over 40 miles) at this time. 


    If this is my second (or third, or fourth) time moving with Steel City Movers, L.L.C., do I get a discount?

    Yes! We appreciate your repeat business! We offer a standard labor-only discount to returning customers.

    Please note that we can only offer discounts of any kind via direct booking. We are not able to offer discounts on any booking through a third party website such as movinghelp.com or hireahelper.com, because we have less control over pricing on those sites. We also cannot discount third party costs such as fuel, travel costs, truck or materials purchases, etc.


    What regular discounts do you offer? 

    In addition to repeat clients, first-time clients who are military veterans, active-duty service men and women, and senior citizens all get a standard labor-only discount. 

    Please note that we can only offer discounts of any kind via direct booking. We are not able to offer discounts on any booking through a third party website such as movinghelp.com or hireahelper.com, because we have less control over pricing on those sites. We also cannot discount third party costs such as fuel, travel costs, truck or materials purchases, etc.


    Where should I get the truck for my move? Driving the truck makes me uncomfortable, will you drive it for me? Does Steel City Movers, L.L.C. own any moving trucks?

    You may rent the truck for your move from the rental depot of your choice. In the interest of cost effectiveness, try to choose a location that is closest to your unload location, as most depots charge per mile in addition to the daily rental rate. If you are uncomfortable driving a rental moving truck, Steel City Movers, L.L.C. can rent and drive it for you. In this instance, we MUST put the vehicle rental in our business name, and we MUST purchase the maximum optional insurance package. 


    Will you put my lawnmower, propane tank, gas can, or other gasoline or propane powered belongings on the truck?

    Unfortunately we are unable to put any item containing flammable liquids or fuels on your moving truck, for safety and insurance liability reasons. We can load these items only if they are completely empty of flammable/combustible liquids. Please consult your local sanitation/public works authority for the proper disposal of flammable/combustible liquids. If you cannot empty or dispose of these liquids, we will not be able to load your items onto the truck, and we suggest you make alternate arrangements to move these items.


    Will you disconnect or re-connect my heavy appliances for me?

    Unfortunately we are unable to connect or disconnect any heavy appliances for similar reasons as those stated above. We will gladly move items such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, deep freezers, stove/oven units, but we cannot connect or disconnect anything with a utility connection such as gas, water, electric, or cable. We recommend having those items disconnected prior to the date of your move.


    I want to leave an online review. Where should I do that?

    You can review us at any of the following links: GoogleThumbtackYelpFacebookAngie's List (non-member link)Better Business Bureau (BBB) 

    We hope it's a positive one, and we would ask that if you were unhappy with your moving experience, you contact our office and give us an opportunity to make it right before leaving a negative review online.